Depressions thin line.

When you think of depression, what do you normally think about? Someone being sad, unhappy, and upset, right? Depression is a illness that makes you feel sad and just not interested in anything. You feel like giving up on everything in life, like your life is not worth anything. A lot of people think depression is something that can be cured and that everyone has depression. Some of that is true, but Depression can not be cured. It can be helped, there are medications out there that help people to cope with the illness.  Depression is an illness that, if diagnosed, will be with you your whole life. I’ve had people tell me ” you’re fine, everybody has depression.” They also said “stop whining, you’re just seeking sympathy from people.” Which was not true, I was seriously hurting and I was trying to find help. Its not always easy for someone to come out and say “I need help, I have depression.” People need to really look for the symptoms and understand.


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